The Art of the Engagement Session

InstructorTallie Johnson
TypeOnline Course
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Course Overview

In “The Art of the Engagement Session,” Tallie Johnson demonstrates how to properly conduct an engagement photography session from start to finish. Tallie covers the often-stressful processes of both approaching your client and approaching your shoot day so that you will be completely prepared for what is to come. Tallie covers how to first meet with the couple and demonstrates helpful tools to make the meeting beneficial for both sides. She then takes you on location to a beautiful mountain scene and shows you the steps needed to create intimate and timeless portraits for your couple. She then moves into her studio and covers her selection process and how she would edit and sweeten each chosen photo. This is an essential course if you are a skilled wedding photographer or a wedding/engagement photographer on the rise!

  • Lesson One (9:25): Introduction and Gear Overview
  • Lesson Two (23:25): Couple Consultation
  • Lesson Three (24:13): On-Location // Posing
  • Lesson Four (17:37): On-Location // Details
  • Lesson Five (18:15): On-Location // Creating a Mood
  • Lesson Six (52:13): The Initial Edit // Picking Your Selects
  • Lesson Seven (1:01:48): Creating a Visual Portfolio
  • Lesson Eight (8:10): Client Delivery

An In-Depth Look

Throughout this course, Tallie gives you a complete behind-the-scenes look on how to create a memorable and long-lasting engagement session. She demonstrates techniques that will help your photography stand out among others and make your clients thrilled!

 ‘The Art of the Engagement Session” trailer below:

Know your instructor // Tallie Johnson 






Pictures From Class






Tallie uses a series of Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets called “Greater than Gatsby” – with the purchase of this course you will receive a 20% off discount on your entire order! (The coupon code can be found on the Lesson Seven page)