Working with Remotes

InstructorJohn McDonough
TypeOnline Course
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Course Overview

In this course, John McDonough, a Sports Illustrated photographer, goes in depth on the setup, safety, and execution of using remote cameras to capture a live sports event. John shows you how he would setup his remotes to capture a basketball game at the official site of the Colorado College Tigers. This course includes five lessons:

  • Lesson One (7:49) – Gear Overview
  • Lesson Two (9:38) – How to setup a Remote
  • Lesson Three (5:51) – Remote in-action Part I
  • Lesson Four (4:26) – Remote in-action Part II
  • Lesson Five (14:25) – Post Editing

An In-Depth Look

Throughout this course this highly skilled sports photographer will share how he tackles a sports arena to get the best quality photos. He goes in-depth on the equipment needed to execute not only effectively, but also with the utmost focus on safety. The techniques he will show you can apply to any sports photographer at any level.

Watch the “Basketball Remotes with John McDonough” trailer below

 Pictures From Class

John takes you through a variety of setups from behind a glass backboard, to a side rail, as well as a mobile setup. He then breaks down his edit using Photo Mechanic to show how he typically submits to Sports Illustrated. Join John with his abundance of knowledge and learn from a true professional who has worked in arenas all around the US and even shot a college game on the Aircraft Carrier USS Carl Vinsion in the harbor of San Diego, CA!