Camping Lifestyle

InstructorRyan Taylor
TypeOnline Course
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Course Overview

In this course, Ryan Taylor brings us to a remote location at the base of the Grand Tetons for a mock commercial lifestyle photography shoot on camping. He goes over various elements that shooting outdoors can produce as well as certain techniques to get that perfect shot blended from product positioning and candid moments. Once you signup for this course, the plans are broken down in the following sections:

  • Lesson One (8:20): Proper Setup, Gear & Safety
  • Lesson Two (18:28): Camping Lifestyle Shoot, Candids
  • Lesson Three (10:01): Lighting setup, Portraits
  • Lesson Four (26:05): Computer Editing

An In-Depth Look

Throughout this lesson, Ryan shares his experience on commercial shoots so that you can please the client every single time. Following the shoot, he brings you to the edit station where he really makes his images shine and gives you insider tips on how to do the same.

Watch the ‘Camping Lifestyle with Ryan Taylor’ trailer below:


Pictures From Class






Join us for the Camping Lifestyle course to get an insider’s look into a more intimate commercial shoot dealing with the elements in a camping shoot.