Inside an Editor’s Mind

InstructorBrad Smith
TypeOnline Course
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Course Overview

In this course Brad Smith, Director of Photography for Sports Illustrated, walks you through an Olympic Training Center pool and discusses how he would assess the location to find the most optimal locations for his photographers. Brad walks you behind closed doors to show you the best vantage points to capture from and how to get the best photograph of that perfect stroke. This course includes four lessons:

  • Lesson One (10:24) – Mock Assignment
  • Lesson Two (8:08)– Receiving the Edit
  • Lesson Three (18:37)– Editing Down Selects
  • Lesson Four (7:04) – Translating to the Magazine

An In-Depth Look

Throughout this course, you will learn the thought process of one of the most established editors in the industry. He goes in-depth on the process in which he uses to direct his photographers in getting the best possible images from an event. He will also cover the optimal times and locations in which to shoot each event to make sure you get that shot each and every time. The information given throughout this course can be applied to many other events.

 Watch the ‘Inside and Editors Mind by Brad Smith’ trailer below:

Pictures From Class

Brad walks you through the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. He takes you poolside and talks about how to capture the event on the ground level. He then takes you up high on the catwalk and shows you optimal places for shooting or even setting up remotes cameras. Join Brad and soak up all the knowledge he is sharing from his very successful career in the photography world.