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InstructorChip Litherland
TypeOnline Course
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Course Overview

In this course, Chip Litherland, the award-winning Photographer from the sunny state of Florida takes you behind the scenes of an Olympic wrestling family. Chip gives you access to rarely seen moments between a true Olympic family. He demonstrates the importance of being on point all the time while capturing these candid moments. This course includes five lessons:

  • Lesson One (2:23) – How to Approach the Shoot
  • Lesson Two (10:10) – Finding the Moment
  • Lesson Three (10:18) – Shooting Action
  • Lesson Four (7:32) – Shooting Portraits
  • Lesson Five (21:38) – Post Editing

An In-Depth Look

Throughout this course, you will learn the process in how to capture a subject in a staged yet candid way. He goes into the process in how he directs the talent to get the most natural photos possible. He also shows you how he addresses challenges throughout the shoot in how to adapt to changing environments.

Watch “On-Assignment with Chip Litherland” trailer below 

Pictures From Class