Portrait Lighting

InstructorJoey Terrill
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Course Overview

In this lesson, Joey Terrill, celebrity portrait  & illustrative photographer, takes you into Garden of the Gods to photograph a variety of portrait shoots. He is joined by Jasmine, a USA Olympic Fencer, stationed in Colorado Springs. Once you signup for this course, the plans are broken down in the following sections:

  • Lesson One (5:14): Setting Up for the Shoot
  • Lesson Two (9:56): Working with Models
  • Lesson Three (7:54): Portrait Shoot In-Action – Part 1
  • Lesson Four (3:46): Portrait Shoot In-Action – Part 2
  • Lesson Five (15:35): Computer Editing

An In-Depth Look

Throughout this lesson, Joey educates you on the inner-workings of a portrait shoot using off-camera lighting under various outdoor conditions. He shows you the latest equipment and their benefits to save you time once you are onsite as well as giving you insight into the common mistakes that photographers run into in the course of their career.

Watch the ‘Portrait Lighting by Joey Terrill’ trailer below:


Pictures From Class







Joey leads you through a variety of shots from portraits to action with the model. Then at the computer station, he gives you an insider’s look into his edit process through the take in Adobe LightRoom. Join us for this Portrait Lighting course with a start-to-finish look at action and intimate portraits with a US Olympian.