Shooting Products

InstructorTim Kemple
TypeOnline Course
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Course Overview

In this lesson, Tim Kemple of Camp 4 Collective, will take you on a mock commercial running assignment for Adidas at the base of the Grand Tetons. He will go through key techniques on how to shoot product photography. Once you signup for this course, the plans are broken down in the following sections:

  • Lesson One (2:52): Commercial Shoot Setup
  • Lesson Two (16:43): Product Shoot #1: Action
  • Lesson Three (19:44): Product Shoot #2: Product Portrait
  • Lesson Four (21:06): Computer Editing

An In-Depth Look

Throughout this lesson, Tim breaks down the necessary elements of a commercial shoot and his thought process when brought a project like this from Adidas. He will show you a variety of scenes to capture in one shoot as well as innovative editing techniques to have your photos leap off the page and stand out. He is joined by our running model Aicacia that will be the face of this campaign.

Watch the ‘Shooting Products with Tim Kemple’ trailer below:


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