The Ultimate Senior Editing Session

InstructorMatt Hernandez
TypeOnline Course
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Course Overview

In this course, Matt Hernandez takes you past the Ultimate Senior Portrait Session and right into the Ultimate Senior Editing Session. He covers in-depth how to process your images once you’ve transferred them into Lightroom and Photoshop. He covers how to stay organized before even beginning the photo editing process. Matt uses the exact images from his course “The Ultimate Senior Portrait Session” where he shot in four locations all with their own challenges. Matt explains how to first balance your images, and then moves into his personal techniques for cleaning up an image as well as a unique technique for dodging and burning. This is an essential course to make your images truly stand out from your competitors and to get the most out of your shoot in the field!

  • Lesson One (23:54): Introduction and Organization
  • Lesson Two (14:40): Importing Your Raw Image
  • Lesson Three (23:10): Balancing Your Image
  • Lesson Four (45:39): Cleaning Up Your Image
  • Lesson Five (38:48): Advanced Cloning to Save an Image
  • Lesson Six (37:56): Dodging and Burning to Add Shape
  • Lesson Seven (30:20): Adding Post Effects
  • Lesson Eight (8:46): File Delivery

An In-Depth Look

Throughout this course, Matt educates you on the importance of non-destructive editing as well as how to organize and back up your individual files. His unique dodging and burning techniques will save you time which will allow you to increase your overall workflow speed!

 ‘The Ultimate Senior Editing Session” trailer below:

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